Request for Proposal


The Black Philanthropy Initiative’s (BPI) grantmaking has a primary focus on advancing racial equity in education. Eligible applicants must focus on one of BPI’s four focus areas described in our grant guidelines: post-secondary education pathways; talent & workforce development; career advancement; or economic security & mobility.

Click here to view the 2019 BPI Grant Guidelines


Please click here for program information questions and provide a thorough description of how your program/project meets the requirements for BPI’s grant program.

Upon completion, please upload the following documents:

Please note that the application cannot be saved, so be sure to have all of your materials ready at the time of submission.

  1. Answers to program information questions (see link above)
  2. List of organization’s board of directors, or leadership equivalent
  3. Financial statements:
    • A detailed project budget, including any sources of income for this project; and
    • A balance sheet and income statement (P&L) for your last fiscal year and current year-to-date

Note: If you are applying from a WS/FCS school or a higher education institution, you do not need to provide a board list or financial statements for your organization.


(Project budget, balance sheet, and income expense statement)

Organization Details

Contact Details for Proposal